We Specialize in US Expat Taxes

If you are an American expatriate, you are still required to file a tax return. However, you face a number of complex tax issues that can be difficult to navigate on your own.

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US Abroad Taxes LLC is a tax preparation company specializing in US expat taxes and we prepare taxes for US expatriates around the world.  Our services start at $300 for a basic return for a US Citizen abroad.

We are US-based, and communicate by email and telephone to learn all necessary information to complete your return.  We take your personal privacy seriously, and utilize secure technology to transfer files.

We specialize in the following services for US Citizens abroad:

• Federal and state income tax preparation, including specialized forms for US citizens abroad, including Forms 2555, and 1116,

• Free e-filing of federal and state returns where available (e-filing available for current tax year only);

• Completion of prior year returns;

• Recreating income history through paystub analysis;

• Translating foreign currency to US dollars where necessary;

• Preparing Reports of Foreign Bank and Asset Accounts (FBAR) where necessary;

• Avoiding double-taxation via calculation of Foreign Tax Credits;

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